Saturday, October 09, 2004

Finally got through Erica Jong's Fear of Flying. I seem to be connecting with every book I pick up these days, every CD I play. Maybe I've turned into some over-emotional beast during the last year. Fear of Flying's a feminist text, ferchrissakes, it's not supposed to be for me. But the last three chapters, it was written for me, am I right Erica? And shit, Embrace have released Out of Nothing just for me, eh Danny? But this is silly. I think it's that I'm finally coming back to life. I've stared into the abyss and, not wanting to hang around in such an unpleasant place, I've come out the other side - not unscathed but not damaged beyond repair either. Life's slotting back in place, I'm laughing again and meaning it. I'm no longer numb, I've stopped shutting my various component parts down, I'm feeling everything again. And it feels good. So get out of my f**king way. I'm back!
Reading: No time, I'm writing! Listening: Embrace - Out of Nothing; Libertines - The Libertines; Morrissey - Suedehead; Kasabian - Kasabian

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