Thursday, October 28, 2004

Oh, how exciting. A totally unexpected trip to the theatre tonight. Well, unexpected in that I'd written the wrong date down in my diary. But, heck, who wants an ordered life? And at least it means that we'll be able to start the weekend off properly tomorrow night instead of sitting in a red velvet chair in the dark. I bought the sandwiches for lunch, although the woman in the shop had trouble comprehending what a chicken, chorizo and humous sandwich without the humous could be. Certainly nothing that she wanted to serve up without a fight. And then two 30-something men compared notes on the male menopause and expressed dissatisfaction with their daytime jobs. If it wasn't the theatre tonight I'd be settling down with The Undertones' True Confessions, which I bought in homage to Peelie and because I can't stop spending my last few pounds in CD shops when something like that presents itself in front of my face for a mere £7. I shall go without ice cream and boiled sweets tonight to try and balance the books.

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