Thursday, November 04, 2004

I have been plagued with big nasty mouth ulcers all my life and one has reared it's ugly, stinging surface once again. It hurts. I have taken the day off work and here I am, moping about. Talking is difficult and I wonder if I should set up some Stephen Hawking-style vocal arrangement while this short term agony continues. Last night, my mouth throbbed and felt as big as Texas (all that staring with disbelief at the US election map on Fox News paid off, then). Despite the onset of this bruised-vulvaesque mouth, last night's writing workshops went well. They were a good little bunch and I think we'll have fun in the coming weeks. It's M's birthday today. She is having lots of fun, right now, just behind me, with the limited edition pink Game Boy Advance I gave her. I guess you know things are serious when you buy your woman a hand held gaming device. We are dining out tonight. At a Mexican restaurant. My mouth is telling me that I might just have to sit and watch.
Music: The Pixies - Death to the Pixies. Well done: Hungary. Very offensive: US Army celebrates Bush victory by launching bombing raids

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