Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I thought I'd take a different approach this morning. Rather than saying to my neighbour Jean "ooh, it's cold this morning," I went for the "Is it warm enough for you?" approach as I shifted her dustbin to the relevant position on the pavement. I feel that I have, perhaps, made Jean's day by using the gifts of social intercourse that I have at my disposal. It's also more of a glass half full thing to say, don't you think? My, how myself and Jean laugh about the weather during our 30 second chats on a Wednesday. 30 seconds is just the right length of time and not so long that conversation dries up. No embarassing silences between me and Jean, oh no. We get on like a house on fire during our brief liaisons, although you shouldn't really say that when you're talking about your neighbour, in case you get tempted to run a load of petrol around their house and hurl a match on to test how you would get on in the event of a house actually being on fire. And how does a house get on when it's on fire? Surely, in these days of slow emergency service response, it just burns down and that's that until the demolition teams and insurance companies move in to clear the carnage? If that's getting on then we really need to take a long, hard look at ourselves.

Pizza Hut was graced with our presence last night. A bit odd to think it's only the second time I've ever been in one of these places. The last time, I noticed that they had full eggs on the salad bars. There were no eggs in sight, so maybe Mr Pizza Hut has released his chickens. Mind you, he's still flogging pizzas with chicken toppings, so he might have killed them all. The last time I was in a Pizza Hut was over a decade ago. Does chicken stay fresh for that long? We played it safe and had a hot vegetarian.

World Aids Day

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