Friday, January 28, 2005

I have just been sent an email with the subject heading "Insignificance". This hardly makes me want to read it. You'd think PRs would know better. I look forward to receiving more messages from said people, with subject headings such as "Don't read this", "Boring" and "Waste of your valuable time". "Hi, it's Dumb Blonde from Stupid PR. Just calling to see if you received our email titled 'waste of your valuable time'? And will you be using it?" No, sorry, it was a waste of my valuable time. Another PR, heading to a new company, sent an email to me telling me what a pleasure it's been working with me. I had never worked with her. Which makes me wonder what rubbish is in store for my inbox when she takes up the job at Golley Slater. Yes, that's a real company. A place where, if you believe their hype, everything is possible (save for a website that doesn't use Flash) and where a "cross-discipline method delivers measurable results". Marvellous.

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