Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So, there we were, in the bar, post-Bouncers. I persuaded the bar staff to let me use my complimentary interval drinks voucher after the show (when I ordered our interval drinks, I didn't realise I had a voucher and, shock-horror, paid for some drinks) although I think they only said yes because I stared in a psycopathic manner. We also got a bag of crisps gratis. The joy of being a big shot reviewer, eh? ("All the crisps you can eat, Dave, all the crisps you can eat. But go steady on the expenses," I seem to remember Catherine Cooper saying the first time she commissioned me). Caught up with our old mucker Jack Brady, one of the Bouncers cast and the man wot directed The Worst Seat in the House last summer. It had been approximately five hours since I'd last seen him, 60 miles away in a Hull pub. He looks, I dunno, strangely better looking in Halifax. I think it's the lighting and the rather dark and dingy interior of the Viaduct Theatre that does it. We didn't hang about - never do when there's an hours drive ahead of me. Just stayed enough to say "you were great" to Jack about 30 times then ran outside into the West Yorkshire rain. Back to free stuff, got a Bouncers coaster in my press pack. One coaster. Pah! What good is one? I demand a set of four. If I put the name Vic Allen, the man responsible, in this entry, when he does a vanity search for himself one day he'll read this (or this!) and drop the other three coasters in a jiffy envelope for immediate dispatch. Either that or I'll get some correspondence from his solicitors. Only joking, Vice. Oops, typo. Sorry, Dick.

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