Friday, January 21, 2005

Well done, plumber, you have turned our house into a massive sauna. It's hotter than July round at our gaff. Fearing that it might all snap again and we will plummet back into those 20-jumper Arctic conditions, we have turned everything up to max-heat. With diets and exercise shunned, this new sub-tropical climate could help me shed those unwanted lumpy bits. Yes, I'm kidding myself.

This arvo I am having the dreaded 'annual appraisal' with my boss, David Brent. I am Keith Bishop. It will be great fun. Yes, I'm kidding myself.

Tonight, if all goes according to plan, I will be watching Bouncers in a venue that not only resembles a dark, satanic mill - it actually was one. What would you pick - the arts or a real, honest, employee-killing industry and a nice Halifax-made carpet?

Hope for Iranians Hope for Bit Torrent Lovers Great Rock Hope

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