Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It doesn't hurt to buy music now and then. Having been on a freeloading, downloading spiral of late, I parted with some cash and purchased Willy Mason's Where The Humans Eat (I bought it on my lunch, so I guess that's the answer to Mason's question...although the lack of a question mark would suggest it's not a question. But I'm treating it as such. I paid for the CD after all, I can interpret the thing anyway I like). My bandwidth, which can have the rest of today off, is no doubt breathing a huge sigh of relief. The cover's great - there's a drawing of a monkey on the inside, which was totally unexpected and much better than spurious bonus tracks. Feeling pleased with my positive attitude towards music industry profits, I nipped to Dixons to check out mp3 players. "So," I asked the annoying member of staff who forced me to talk to her merely by staring at me as if I were a member of Michael Jackson's legal team. "This Creative Labs 20 gig Zen Touch player. That's the same storage space as an iPod, is it?" "A 20 gigabyte iPod, yes," she said, smugly. Ask a silly, pointless, time-filling, blokish, hard-drive obsessed question that suggests you know nuthin' about technology and get an annoying answer, I suppose. I shall have an iPod soon enough. A 40GB one. And then I shall return to Dixons and stand at the same counter, tapping my feet and nodding my head, smirking at their 20GB devices with a price tag of a mere £189. Which is rather good but sod 'em.

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