Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lots of hanging about last night waiting for daughter to go in and then come out of a Freefaller concert in York. The joys of providing transport for teenage girls. We bided our time by heading for a rather splendid Thai meal far enough away from the venue to protect us from any sub-standard rawk bleeding through medieval walls. Daughter left the venue with a set list courtesy of some bloke from the band, which left me wondering why there are no Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest set lists kicking about my many boxes full of memories. Ideal career for the girl, bearing in mind that she is unfazed by hurling herself to the front of throngs and talking to these peculiar people she insists on following, would be a music journo. This is both brilliant and rather worrying.

Death of a Playwright...RIP: Arthur Miller, 1915-2005. Good work, fella.

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