Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Jealous of the rhyme and the rhyme routine?

I am probably too obsessed with where people came from. But the latest arrival to these shores was someone seeking out "French methods of killing". I'm sure there are many ways to take someone's life. But ways that are specifically French? A Google doesn't really help. It does, however, throw up some genius words from none other than France's own Bridgit Bardot, who once said: "Cows are grown to be eaten, dogs are not. I accept that many people eat beef, but a cultured country does not allow its people to eat dogs." Cows are grown to be eaten? Now, of course, MSN are wondering why I called in on Slate via a Google search for French methods of killing. A somewhat more disturbing avenue down which visitors to Killing Time travel is "real killing pics". How sweet you are, dear readers.

Liberty X have sent us a press release, headed: "Liberty X Want You to Get Jumpin' for Mencap". A fine charitable cause. However, I want Liberty X to Jump off a Cliff Without a Chute. I shall give Mencap several pounds if they can rid us of this menace. Jessica is my favourite Xer, so I will permit her to jump last, thus landing on and delivering the final blows to Kevin Simm. Keen to satisfy all those that drop by and, following the successful template forged after extensive research by my wonderful employer, secure them as regular readers, I will post the pictures on here once the deed is done. Meanwhile, to request a jpeg of Liberty X, please contact Neil Alexander at Mencap.

Running around the head: Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

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