Sunday, April 03, 2005

Stumbled across a fantastic if tenuously related Killing Time link whilst contemplating on posting about the declining standards of Jon Ronson's column in The Guardian's Weekend ("Apparently black boxes are being put into cars. 'They should make the entire car out of the black box material,' I think, 'Then nobody will ever get hurt!' Inwardly, I laugh a lot at this joke." Jeez. Try harder Jon. Laugh inwardly is right - nobody will ever laugh out loud at that dated old baloney. I suggest you actually go out and do some stuff, that way you'll have something to write about rather than what the letters HSBC represent. Yes, you are the only person who doesn't know what they stand for). Anyway, have a look at this.

If anyone's following the thread of all this nonsense, H's boyfriend's band Park & Ride were good, and better for being sans Hull City shirt. The boys are improving. Headliners the Black Dogs were blessed with a frontman who managed to spend the entire gig on the dance floor, rather than on the stage. The long-haired one liked to get amongst his people, although nobody was too keen to get near him. I tugged on his locks when he was in my vicinity during some protracted fret-wankery by their uber-cool guitarist and he thanked me for coming to see him, forcing one of those 'yoof' hand grips on me. Bless the lad.

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