Sunday, April 17, 2005

We rejected the chance to go and see The Rakes last night in order to spend a couple of hours down a village pub, then spurned the pub in order to spend a quiet night in. Rock n roll! Thanks to the Jack Johnson-fixated video store we finally got round to seeing Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, which prompted us to head to Tescos today and stock up on lots of fancy healthy food that will now rot in the fridge while we carry on eating fast food. Fitness fodder purchased, we opted to have a 'final' foody blowout just in case we defy the odds and adhere to the new diet (M has produced an easy-to-follow night-by-night reference guide). One pint, a 10oz rump smeared in sauce accomanied by a mound of spuds and a late afternoon snack of satay-smeared noodles later, am ready to start a new life. Well...maybe I'll just check out the fridge...
Back to the play today to sort out some shifts in time that had left someone a bit puzzled. Feel quite good about it all now. Unwound watching the Baftas whilst simultaneously penning a proposal for some songwriting workshops we're hoping to run - Alan Plater managed to reference Hull City's success when he picked up his gong. The other option was to watch the 100 Best Albums but as I'm relatively stress-free at the moment I thought it best avoided (M shouts through to tell me Let It Bleed made number 32. An outrage!) and, besides, I quite like the telly without a foot through it. Also caught a glimpse of Paula Radcliffe making an unscheduled toilet break, which struck me as, erm, rather bizarre. Did she not realise she was being watched by millions?
Listening: Doves - Some Cities

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