Monday, April 18, 2005

Why, it's a good job we didn't go see The Rakes - they're not playing our neck of the woods 'til next Saturday! That's the fact-addled journalist that resides in me popping in an appearance...
Night shift on the script this week. We purchased some paint for the living room yesterday. Know I should prioritise the former but fear that activity displacement will see me up to my elbows in the latter.
Still no car to call my own. The old thing, having been straightened out by the overcharging accident repair centre, has been in the paint shop since last Wednesday and looks likely to be in there for another two days. How much paint are they spraying on there? Will it be a different colour? Magnolia, perhaps? My pal Jud, who used to be a panel beater but now, in a career move more unfathomable than some of my own, is an animator for Hot, used to entertain me with tales of how he used to drive repaired cars around to reception for owners to collect, only to crash them en route, thus forcing him to put his foot down and speed past the owners before they saw the damage. Two weeks after taking my car in for repair I am wondering if this kind of tragedy is the cause of the delay. Mind you, I have grown quite attached to the courtesy car and would gladly keep that over my breakdown-prone Yaris. The chances of crashing the courtesy car no doubt increase the longer you have the thing too.

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