Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A conflict in the diary tomorrow. Do we Tai Chi or do we go see a comedian? Andrew Maxwell is his name. According to Paramount, he's "an intrepid social commentator and political protagonist on a mission to liberate minds". I like the sound of that. What I don't like is that he was in that dreadful reality-based nonsense The Kings of Comedy last year. Mind you, he won it. Will the gentle martial arts win this one? Or will the prospect of hearty laughter and aching sides force our four arms?

Tonight, we're off to see Hay Fever, the Noel Coward joint, in York. "No plot at all and remarkably little action," the writer once said of his work. Should be a good giggle though, although I know nothing of the cast as I've avoided reading the press release. When I redraft the play at the weekend I'll have to avoid penning lots of new scenes with a 1920s smoking jacket, cigarette holder feel to them.

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