Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fathers 2B

Went to M's play reading. It's the finest slice of youth theatre ever written, even though the young talent blind reading struggle to work out which bits of a script to read out - with mildly amusing consequences. I have to stifle some giggles and end up making the odd bizarre snorting sound. As I'm just there as some uninvited guest and wearing a suit, to boot, I notice I'm getting the odd 'who the hell is this?' look from the throng. Bless them, though, they seem a nice bunch. At one point I'm left alone with them all (no one asked if I was CRB checked - but I am) and demand some feedback. It is all very, very positive. They love it. But a problem over the language looms. It's too realistic for conservative sensibilities and, perhaps, the parents of the kids that'll be in it who, of course, are pushing their kids into some Lena Zavaroni-style existence. Fucks might be replaced with fuds, shits might be replaced with poop, the pisses might stay. All of it crazy. How can you ever be too realistic?.

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