Wednesday, May 11, 2005

When we were strutting around Berlin last year we spotted lots and lots of wobbly concrete slabs. And now they're 'open'. It's a peculiar, long-overdue memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe. I think it looks better from the air. It's big but, like most things made of concrete, rather cold. As Paul Spiegel says, it's a bit abstract.

Feel at a bit of a loose end at the moment. With work on the script suspended until closer to rehearsals I'm kicking my heels (or is it 'clicking my heels'?). Cripes, we might even have to resort to...having fun! We were discussing fleeing the country for a short while over a nice slab of salami 'n' cheese coated bruschettas last night. I fancy a quick jaunt to Noo Yoik. M wants to make a hasty return to HK. Anywhere but spending eight hours at a dull desk in Hull would be reet gradely.

Two tunes: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Lovin' Machine. Tom McRae - You Cut Her Hair. Twat: Justin Lee Collins.

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