Thursday, July 28, 2005

Called in on rehearsals for M's show, which seem to be going well although it's v early days and the fine crop of young actors were all deliberating over tiny and seemingly obscure detail. I suppose that's just how it is when people are feeling their way into a piece of drama. Pangs, not of jealousy, but of wanting to get back in there asap with one of my plays. Just as Doherty can't be detached from his crack pipe, I'm hooked on it all now. Lunch at Wetherspoons (two for a fiver - I had the chilli mit tortilla chips und rice), then onto the Ferens Art Gallery to snoop at a ridiculously cluttered open exhibition. Most interesting was a shuffling grandmother telling her grandchildren to look at the brush strokes on a nude portrait. Without the required catalogue explaining who was responsible for these 100s of paintings (I'd only gone in really to keep out of the rain) it was a bit like wandering through a junkyard full of disparate components.

Return to the theatre next week, to review an Ayckbourn revival (Time & Time Again). Am hardly thrilled by the prospect - I've enjoyed the time off and the mind is simply exhausted of superlatives. Will email The Stage at the weekend to tell them my plans. Watching mid-range child Scott perform in a hastily devised A Midsummer Night's Dream tomorrow. Open air, weather permitting. Should be interesting, providing he has a big enough part in the 45 minute extravaganza (as it's on a field, I'm wondering if the parents will behave as insanely as those that watch their kids play sport). In between editing some video footage and an extra Tai Chi lesson am returning to writing at the weekend - a play to take to Edinburgh next year. Have promised an actor I'll have something to show him mid-next week, which is impetus enough.

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