Thursday, November 10, 2005

Announcement in Tesco yesterday as we arrived at the checkout: "Will all checkout staff please give customers first class service". We got there at just the right time then. What would have happened if we'd been five minutes earlier? Wouldn't they have bothered asking us if we were ok with the packing? Would they have told us to fuck off? Would they have refused to fill up our points card? I wish I'd waited for the next announcement. "Okay, that's enough. Start treating the customers like the set of argumentative cunts they really are." It would be just like being in Netto. Actually, I went in Netto one day and I was £1.27 short of the required amount of cash to pay for our shopping. So the woman on the checkout, who didn't know me from Adam (that bloke that's always in Netto) gave me a short-term loan to cover the bill. Would that happen in Tesco, I wonder?

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