Sunday, November 20, 2005

Anyone else noticed that the staff in just about every shop you ever go in these days seem intent on carrying out conversations with their work colleagues while they begrudgingly 'serve' you? It's like customers are an afterthought or, at the very least, a fucking big inconvenience to the people that man the checkouts. Went to York. It was packed with people, all of whom appeared to be walking in the other direction. We went to a dance show that one of M's friends was in. As we waited patiently in the queue for tickets, a woman that had obviously never had to queue for anything in her life, ever, walked in. "Can we move down?" "I need tickets." "I'm here for the show." Yeah, like the other people in line were just stood there to make way for you, you important bitch. We went to Subway for a spot of lunch today. Not the best option, I know, but we had £5 and that cuts your options down. While we're eating our 6" overfilled sarnies, a skateboardy looking boy walks in with his family. "It smells lovely in here," he smiles. They stand in Subway for five minutes, then all troop back out again without ordering or buying anything. "Come on, son, get your coat on, we'll take you to smell the fumes in Subway. Then you can haul your ass out of there and get back home and lick the jelly off the pork pie."

Listening: Bill Hicks - Chicago, 1989. US3 - Cantaloop (funky mix).

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