Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Boy, what a fool I was not getting David Platt's intertextual television line of dialogue. One day, there'll come a time when the only thing that programme makers make programmes about will be other programmes. If it's not already happened, that is. Do I look bothered? Face, bothered, etc etc etc.

Read a few reviews of Tim Worstall's 2005:Blogged - Dispatches From The Blogosphere, which smacks of someone cashing in on the latest fad to me. We don't need books about this phenomenon - it's all online and that's the point. We'll have to watch out, blogging kids - traditional media seem intent on hoodwinking this blogging lark for their own ends and insist on telling the uninitiated that bloggers are all "amateur online journalists who post real-time reports of major (and not-so-major) stories on their websites" when the world of blog, as anyone who's every blog-hopped for the afternoon rather than do some work could tell you, is a whole lot more complex. I'm pondering removing all the links I've got on the rhs that point towards large media companies by way of a totally pointless protest that only I will know is going on. And, blimey, have you read Tim Worstall's blog? Talk about sense of humour bypass. His diametrically opposed nemesis Jim, from North London, isn't much better. Come on, guys, funny it up! If all blogs were like that, a lot more people would be tuning into Catherine Tate for her catchphrase comedy, I can tell you.

Listening: NWA - Fuck The Police; Beastie Boys - Alive; Ed Harcourt - This One's For You; Jeff Buckley - Dancing in the Moonlight (live); AC/DC - Whole Lotta Rosie

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