Monday, November 28, 2005

Excuse the interruption to proceedings - the blog's been down due to webcrimson's server being 'too busy'. Which is weird, as I'm certain I'm the only person that has a blog with them these days. Ah well. Completists, stalkers and those at the paper who read this hoping to spot their own names (why, said the self-obsessed one, you vain bastards!) will be disappointed to know that I won't be filling in the gaps in the timeline. I shall keep it all to myself and you shall never know what happened over those three days. It was very, very exciting. And I'm still sore. But I shall leave it at that. Ha, and you think you'll drop in here every day to see what I've been doing with my life. Well, for once, you won't know. Other than that I bought a new digi box (the last one blew up). But, apart from that, it's between me and the weekend. I can tell you that I visited a Scandinavian Christmas market and drank some lovely mulled wine (I say lovely, it made me feel sick). And that I purchased an unsliced loaf from Tesco. But, other than that, that's all the minutiae I will be revealing. For once, my life is my own.

Tonight, I shall be talking to creative writing students at the University of Hull. Which should be fun. They're all pondering on which avenues their writing should be heading down, so the more people I can put off becoming comedy playwrights with journalistic skills (I say skills, those that know me and that bloke that wrote the letter of complaint would rightly disagree) the better. I shall suggest that they all do poetry, just to keep them completely off my patch. Am looking forward to the night - the first of two - as it's a good chance to analyse what I actually do. The conclusion I'll draw, probably, is that I don't do nearly enough.

Have just sent a personal email to the newsroom printer by mistake. I'm always doing this, as a right click brings up the menu that has the option to reply just nestling above that to print and my mouse has a mind of its own. Thankfully, I legged it over there before anyone cocked a snoop where it wasn't wanted. Fingers crossed that I don't make the same mistake with the 'our boss is a c**t' thread as it will run into at least 400 sides of A4. Only joking, Johnny.

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