Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cooking With Elvis again last night. Two women coughed throughout the performance. Another audience member insisted on revealing on-stage happenings just seconds before they happened, those that headed to the bar before the show and at the interval annoyed the hell out of me as they all appeared to feel that they were entitled to be served before me rather than wait their turn and M suffered from a lack of legroom. Yet it was still enormous fun. Which surprised me a bit as I've seen it a few times and didn't think I'd be able to laugh at it anymore. Well done, Lee Hall. Off to see some dreadful festive song and dance effort tonight - The Spirit of Christmas - which is plugged as "a dazzling blend of Christmas entertainment, with delightful Christmas songs, beautiful and colourful costumes and the highest kicking Chorus Girls this side of Lapland!" Yippee fucking doo. Apparently, I'll be entertained by a fabulous cast of West End singers and dancers in "this winter wonderland of fun and festive cheer". Yeah, right. Ooh, I've come over all Scrooge. This is the real face of theatre criticism, folks.

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