Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spent some hours getting tangled up in lots of wires of different colours - fitting new light fittings, which, even if ah do say so myself, all look rather nice. We now have the new gaff looking impressive enough to invite folk round to spill red wine and tred buffet snacks into the new carpet - next weekend will be the most extraordinary house warming party we've ever held. Well, it's the first one we've ever held, so it's not up against much. Already panicking about how to enforce the "take your shoes off and leave them in the hallway" rule that we have imposed. Mainly because the people we know all wear very tatty socks and might be shy about revealing them to people they hardly know. So, if you recognise yourself and have been invited and just happen to read this to see what I really think about you, please wear your best socks on the night, you scruffy bastards. The house is much easier to spot for party revellers too, now, as I've finally fixed the number up outside. So, a week to rustle up some veggie snacks...

I don't know quite what this says about the area we now live in but I went in three newsagents at lunch to pick up a Guardian, only to be told that none of them stock the paper at weekends. Plentiful supplies of the dreadful Daily Mail and Telegraph, though. This is not good. Sans our handy hide it under the pillow-sized and get ink all over your hands if you hold it for too long Guide, we've also resorted to using the telly listings from Heat.

Listening: Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child

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