Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sundays are nice, huh? Woke up thinking about dad, which is probably a result of mentally working through this play I'm writing and trying to make life/death ring true. Went to our mate Rosie's place, Fudge, for a leisurely breakfast. Then met the new addition to the family, little Stella, who's as cute as cute can be. Before that I'd called in at mum's, ate her biscuits and drank her tea and coffee and chatted about nothing in particular to pass a couple of hours away. My mum's lovely and I hope people feel about me in the way I feel about her when I ripen. I feel warm about life and all its possibilities today; there seem to be endless opportunities that open up when you stop trying so god damn hard.

Spotted an A sign advertising a gym: Gym 'membership' apply within. Why the ''s? Isn't it a membership at all? What is it? If only my aversion to exercise could have been overcome, I'd've walked in the place and found out. I shall never know.

Watching: Battle Royale. Listening: The Cribs - The Wrong Way To Be

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