Sunday, February 05, 2006

Went to Arc, Hull's ridiculously designed new architecture centre. It was housing some artsy thing called joineduptdesignforschools. Not really art, more a lot of pretty photographs of spotty kids loitering around the new canteens they'd helped to plan. Some had worked with Paul Smith to design new school uniforms - generally, baggy trousers and loose fitting cheapo t-shirts - and a lot of other big name designers had been involved too. Shame, no Hull schools. Which makes the whole exercise of bringing this touring exercise here rather pointless. I overheard someone saying as much, to be met with a patronising "but this is exactly what we're trying to do here" from some bloke who appeared to be an official sort. There was also a patronising woman patronising her children, who happened to be just the right age for patronising. She read select bits of the accompanying text out to the nippers, and interspersed them with words like 'cool' and 'fab' and 'abstract'. Earlier, we had some nice food at Dukes, one of Hull's nicer places to sit with a large family group (I knew them, it wasn't just some random family I picked to sit with). Sam looked rather dapper in his new military Libertines-style jacket. And somehow he managed to avoid dribbling his Thai Red Curry down it.

Exciting week coming up, involving The Strokes, Kooks, Ludes and some others. Oh, and going back to my old job at the paper. Groan.

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