Saturday, February 04, 2006

Went to Happy Birthday Miffy! down the Ferens. Fun, if you're three. Nice bits about Dick Bruna's working methods but too many toddlers sitting on the floor chewing cuddly toys for my liking. Hardly any people over the age of four at all, apart from us and the gallery staff. We were eventually drawn to the shop to buy a Miffy key ring and a stuffed Miffy soft toy for the latest addition to the family. We were preceded by a rather peculiar man who purchased his £40 of merchandise entirely with 10 pence pieces. Later Penny, our cat with opposable thumbs, was treated to a deluxe scratching pole in an effort to preserve the new carpets we've had put down in the new pad. I fear that I'm becoming partial to catnip.

Reading: Clamp - Legal Drug

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