Monday, February 13, 2006

Where was I? Seems someone yucked the plug out of Webcrimson there for a couple of days. At least it enabled me to get on with some serious grouting and take in The Strokes and Ludes. Ludes, ah, bless 'em. Lovely lanky lads, hyperactive, able to tame a big fucking fight down the front with a mere song. They're this week's favourites. The Strokes were a mere warm-up act. Paddingtons swarming all over the City Hall, and then Welly, which you'd expect: This is their town. Josh H, who I spoke to this morning, told me that it was the best gig he'd seen The Strokes do. It's the only gig I've seen them do. Adore Is This It? and had it on repeat play for months, but was a tad disappointing. And I was blinded by their Vegas lighting. Bob, bless him, stood throughout the gig with his arms folded. And he's quite a mover. The down time also enabled the penning of a song last night, or the lyrics, at least. We're taking a musical about a supermarket to Edinburgh, if the necessary funds can be raised. Spare us a tenner, guv?

Listening: Ludes - Dark Art of Happiness. Reading: Nicole Kraus - The History of Love

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