Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Two major jobs last night. One was to redraft the script, which is now residing at the venue. The other was to prevent our cat Penny from attacking our three new fish. The former was the much more satisfactory of the two. The latter involved me scrambling around under bunk beds after removing cat paws from the front of an aquarium. Due to the technical problems of last week, the script is now backed up on three PCs, lives on a USB memory stick and I am also carrying around a hard copy where'er I go. Penny, if she carries on the way she did last night, will wish she had backed up a copy of herself when she was the perfect domestic pet. But, I fear, the only version that now exists of her is the fish killing machine she's become. She'll stop at nothing until she's in that tank, biting their gills off and spitting out their heads, Ozzy Osbourne style. It's like a pet-themed Battle Royale, and the little fish are having to defend themselves with tiny bits of pink gravel.

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