Friday, March 10, 2006

We went to sample some complimentary Fairtrade coffee. It tasted just like any other coffee although, on this occasion, it was much cheaper. I bought a box of Fairtrade tea bags, as I felt sorry for the organisers of the event, given that they outnumbered us 2-1. I drew the line at a pair of colourful mittens that a chap called Peter waved in front of me, even if I did recognise that if I bought them I could have funded education for several hundred African youngsters. The people selling this gear are lovely, which is probably why not enough people buy the stuff. Hard sell! Close the deal!

Blimey, that Be Your Own PET CD is damn good. Gemina Pearl is my latest obsession, the House/Hugh Laurie-fixated M will be pleased to read, and has just edged in front of Annie from Giant Drag due to her edgier edginess. Both are foul-mouthed young women and that's to be applauded.

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