Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Found myself sat in casting sessions yesterday. Interesting. Surreal. I felt like Louis Walsh to the directors' Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne. I wasn't sure how to behave (generally, my approach is just to be inappropriate whatever's going on). I don't make a good first impression - indeed, I'm probably the last thing a nervous actor wants to be confronted by. Especially given that I'm currently carrying several petrie dishes full of contagious disease. Ah well. Play sounds good when you hear it out loud. Still needs some work, though.
Had about 30 minutes sleep last night - this fucking cough kept waking me up. Weird how, when the daylight comes around, and the alarm's bleeping like a bastard, I feel like I could sleep for hours. Got a parking ticket yesterday. And another today. That's seven in as many weeks. £210 to the simple man. That's just too much money for nothing. I could've bought a nice Line 6 guitar amp with that. Yesterday's warden was a non-communicator who could only say "Refer all your complaints to the council". Today's was a bit sweeter. Gave me permission to park on the street for the rest of the day. "We can't issue you with another ticket once you've got one". Which just shows what a farce limited waiting zones are. "We spend all day driving around in circles," I pleaded. "Well, you have to play the game". Will power prevented me from just saying fuck off to that. Besides, she told me she was about to be replaced by a private army of traffic police, and I almost felt sorry for the yellow striped bastard.

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