Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's all gone literature round here...

Just back from watching Hull Truck's Youth Theatre at Creative Voice 06, which is part of the Humber Mouth Festival, which, just to keep things simple, is also known as the Hull Literature Festival. It was a devised piece about bullying and involved masks, a bit of hotstepping and, in the audience, a crying baby that made it all but impossible to hear mumbling teenagers attempting to be honest about life at school. It must have been good cos my kids wanted to stay and watch the rest of the programme of events. But, when you've got a kitten and a cat that wants to kill a kitten, you have to get back home. Nice to see that the Humber Mouth has entered the blogosphere (groan!) this year, although there are no entries just yet. No doubt there'll be something up there after Jonathan Coe's thrilled Hull's literati.

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