Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On the radio...

Hello if you've come via the miracle of BBC Radio Humberside.
Was on the radio today. Thanks, mainly, to a theatre director, who phoned me at 8.30am, laughing down the line and telling me that I was being trailed as a Hull KR fan (argh!**!!?! That's like calling a Celtic fan a Rangers diehard). That served as a reminder to check my diary and, indeed, I was due in the studio. It was an enjoyable experience - just a chat, really, in the aftermath of Sully. I think I made sense and I managed to get a plug in for the writing fandango we're up to on Bransholme, Hull's, nay Europe's, largest council estate. Managed to get the strimmer in action before setting off for Radio H. Got through a fair bit of nylon cutting wire as it was a jungle out there, sometimes I wondered how I'd keep from going under, a ha ha. Went to mothers later to loan some additional gardening equipment. She'd heard me on the radio and told me she was proud, which I translated to "well done, you managed not to swear".

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