Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sketchy detail...

X-Box proved almost prophetic, Carolina taking game 7 of the Stanley Cup to enable Rob Brind'Amour to demonstrate that, although the cup in question stands around 6ft tall, it weighs about as much as a roll of Bacofoil, given the way he twirled around the ice with the thing above his head. So, another chapter of minority sport draws to a close, with most people this side of north America quite oblivious to it all, and I can, at last, start going to bed during the hours of darkness. A picture caption on the NHL's website made me laugh, pointing out that, "The Oilers and Hurricanes started Game 7 with plenty of spunk." Lovely.

Went to see a small exhibition of Stevie Smith sketches, part of the Humber Mouth fandango. Took a while to work out where it was and none of the staff at Hull's structurally crumbling Central Library knew of its wherabouts. We used our common sense and headed to the cafe - which is a small-scale exhibition space of some notoriety - and there it all was, affixed to the walls and lent on a window cill. Very interesting to see a poet's doodlings and scrawly notes. Also saw Sabine Jeanne Biele's installation Pollen of Words, a criss-cross of string with words stuck on them. Nice to look at, but only for about 20 seconds.

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