Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cat on the lap...

Having worked as a journalist, I can certainly testify that if you do fill a room with monkeys and a nifty word processing package, they will indeed do a fair bit of writing for their paymasters. Heck, some of it might even make sense (I was that monkey!). However, Larry the kitten appears to be making strides for the feline world, having taken to regularly plonking himself atop the laptop in a move that might unsettle the primate typists of this world. Thus far he's set off a good dozen hard drive searches for documents called, amongst other things "fsdjhffuefgaifvuifiewuifef.doc", reset the machine twice, started it in safe mode and prompted the recovery software to swing into action. Quite how he knows the magical combination of keystrokes is beyond me, although I expect he's spent quite a bit of time scanning the Microsoft knowledge base. The rest of the time he's doing what all geeky kittens do - setting up a Myspace account and buggering about on Messenger. I might have to buy him his own machine as my efforts to move him usually end up in a lot of scratches up and down my arms.

Listening: Razorlight - Razorlight.

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