Friday, July 07, 2006

Me me me me me me me me me me me...

I'm no big fan of memes but M is forcing me to take part in this one in an effort to drive up the traffic on her play-related myspace site. Bless her, the deluded fool. Anyway, this comes via Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy (which, originally, I thought was a drama about caterers). Here goes...

Joss Whedon's Questionnaire (pass it on):

1) Let's start slow. Your first sexual experience. What would you change?
It wouldn't have been in a shed and I'd have liked a longer look.

2) Something you think you're supposed to like, and feel a little bad that you actually don't.
Being fit and healthy.

3) Something that (possibly unexpectedly) genuinely offended you.
Mel and Sue turning down an interview request. I mean, come on, Mel and Sue!

4) A public figure you respect.

I'm sorry, I simply don't. Oh, maybe Larry David.

5) You're falsely accused of murder and must not only flee the country, but assume a new identity in a country where you have to learn a new language. Where are you and what are you up to?
I am in Mexico growing a moustache.

6) Your first album (hey, congrats on that. Don't worry if you can't sing: they have machines for that now.) (And for any working musicians, it's the first album of the rest of your life. 'Kay?) What's it called?
Fuck 'Em

7) There's two cover songs on it. What are they?
Lazy (Deep Purple) and Death on the Stairs (Libertines)

8) Something you make an effort to suppress, especially in social situations.
Perspiration. Only, attempting to suppress it creates even more.

9) Men: a man crush. Gals, the opposite.

10) A religious work (art, passage in the Bible, ediface, whatever) that affected you.
Whenever I'm confronted by grand religious iconography in a place of worship I start to think that, maybe, I'm wrong about organised religion.

11) If you are/would like to be a collector, of what already?

Japanese literature.

12) Time for a shout out. Someone underappreciated (no spouses, family, or popes.)
Robert Craig. Great writer, nice bloke and not getting any credit.

13) The perfect breakfast.

The full English with no trace of grease. Impossible, perhaps.

14) What makes you sweat?
Sex. Heat. Hot sex.

15) Something you are tired of hearing people say to you.
What are you doing now, then?

16) A painting that matters.
Do they matter? How about that blue-skinned woman that everyone used to have hanging over the mantlepiece in the 1970s.

17) Name someone you'd like to apologize to. Do not say why.

18) A person in current popular fiction (or a well known classic) that you relate to.
Henry Chinaski.

19) Something in modern culture about which you feel genuinely ambivalent.
Peter Levy.

20) A fashion trend you wish would stay forever.

21) The World Cup. Awesome, or just soccer?
Just soccer. Just.

22) What's your excuse? Or at least today's.

I really couldn't give a flying fuck.

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