Saturday, July 08, 2006

To Hull Truck last night for Amanda Whittington's Satin & Steel. Lovely set, not that I'm a fan of fancy things like that, transforming the place into a working gents' club - appropriate, given it's about clubland singers. Had eaten several Brockwursts just an hour before we set off, so was battling bilious attacks throughout the show, and also had to battle the phenomenal heat in the small venue, which isn't really designed for a hot summer's eve, and battle a lack of money in our pockets, stringing out our small change by sharing water so we could have a drink at the end too, giving us the chance to eat some first night buffet and, with onion bhaji and samosas stuck between our teeth, hob nob with theatre sorts. Still, we coped and at least we've got our health. And a kitten. The new season brochure is out and was being passed out to folk last night. Nice bit on the inside back page that made me feel that all could work out fine - Coming next season...back by popular demand...Sully.
Earlier yesterday I got stuck into the old Alan Clarke Tim Roth-starring tv film Made in Britain, which was surprisingly much better than I remembered. Nice to watch something that didn't rely on all the fancy (lazy) mechanisms that plague contemporary storytelling, even if M wasn't too keen on a scene containing urination.

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