Thursday, July 27, 2006

Whopping great organ...

Now, you do see some glorious sights in east Hull. But I never expected anything as wonderful as this enormous organ, which is currently for sale and standing outside a second-hand emporium called AB Furnishings. It's like the flight control of a spacecraft from a 1970s sci-fi film and bloody lovely, ain't it? I can just imagine Deep Purple's Jon Lord at the helm, thumping out Space Truckin' before setting off to explore galaxies far, far away. Look at all those colour-coded buttons, admire the footpedals, sigh in disbelief at the sheer scale of the three-tiered polyphonic beauty and marvel at the built in bossa nova beats and tempo control. No details of price to report, I'm afraid, as the shop looked to be run by thugs. Indeed, the recently deceased player of this machine is probably inside a rolled up carpet at the rear of the shop. But the massive organ certainly made the many washing machines for sale next door but one pale into complete and utter insignificance, I can tell you. Washing machines? Pah! Can you play Spanish Eyes on a Hotpoint? I think not.

Listening: The Goon Show circa 1956.

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