Monday, August 07, 2006

Black tie...

A funeral. Not the best way to spend an afternoon. But, as they go, a nice enough one. My uncle proved so popular that it was standing room only in the chapel, and I ended up standing between two fully-uniformed members of the Salvation Army, so felt the need to sing at the top of my voice and Lord's Prayer and "Amen" loudly, mainly just in case people who didn't know me thought I was also from the SA. At my age I should have probably been to more of these occasions than I have, although they're becoming more regular (they don't get any easier, do they?). I think that, as the curtains close (it was a cremation), there should be a mandatory round of applause for a life successfully lived. As it was the two Sally Army's pointed heavenwards, bless 'em. Thinking about my own demise, I quite fancy having Glenn Miller's In The Mood for the playout, or, perhaps, Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up, if anyone thinks I deserve it. AC/DCs Highway To Hell if not.

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