Monday, August 28, 2006

Excuse me?

Wrote a bit, ate a bit, walked a bit (down by the riverside), read a bit (Untold Stories, Corksucker), drove a bit, surfed (the net) a bit, watched a bit of a DVD (Battle Royale II - bloody rubbish). Mostly listened to music, mostly The Dears, but also Larrikin Love, The Fratellis, Ludes and Dirty Pretty Things. We went to Lidl for some cheap provisions. It was quite warm out but there was a man in the store in a thick overcoat, sweating profusely and pushing one shopping trolley packed with cardboard boxes while pulling another. "Excuse me, excuse me," he chuntered in our direction, pushing his trolleys into us as we pondered over some pasta sauce. He was a nutcase, but not one that we have seen in the city before. We moved out of his way and off he trotted, to say "Excuse me, excuse me," to more people further down the aisle. At one point he was in our way. I was tempted to say "Excuse me, excuse me," back at him in a sarcastic tone but worried that it might give him something to blog about later.

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