Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Happy birthday, Scott...

Lounge has turned into some dreadful lunchtime creche for bored mothers. Not that it ever was that great a bar - just a facsimile of the original upon which it is based, a couple of doors down. But, with its swish beer garden and plenty of space, I thought it might be a healthy retreat in which to unwind with a notebook and scribble away. But no, mothers and their toddlers have taken it over, in much the same way Cybermen will one day rule the earth. You shouldn't have to watch your language in a place where you could drink yourself unconscious, wet your pants and rot your liver if you so desired, but everywhere I looked when I was in there with an actor there was a tot climbing on to a seat or crawling on the floor, so I felt the need to restrict my use of the vernacular that tends to spring forth with great ease when I am in drinking establishments. Who are all these fuckers drinking on this avenue of bars? What do they do for a living? Are they all writers?

Scott's birthday today. The middle boy. Went to see him to hand over the pressie and then, later, after hearing a Cat Stevens' song on the radio on the way back, found myself playing Father & Son, bunging my Tele through a nice chorus effect and turning it up loud to annoy the neighbours. Nice. Well, sort of sentimental shite, really. I then launched into Muse to ruin the moment.

I should have been co-writing tonight. But one of us failed to show. Instead, unable to work on the other script as nowt was going on in my head, my investigation of the workings of Photoshop carried on apace. Also on the technical front I am considering doing a podcast. Would anyone listen to it?

Listening: Radiohead - OK Computer


pik said...

I'll listen to it.

Stephen Newton said...

The mother and baby thing is bad here in Chorlton too. The bar often creditied with kick starting the Beech Road revival ten years ago is awash with bloody todlers all day as they've become more 'family oriented'. Fortunately, there are plenty of other places to go.

On podcasts... I'm all ears.

bazza27 said...

I was in Lounge on Tuesday and it was exactly as you describe. What annoys me the most is I couldn't get in pubs until I was 17, now you don't even have to be out of nappies.