Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not doing me any favours...

Attempted to watch The Favours doing an acoustic set at the BBC in Hull but, when I walked in, they were just setting up and guitar grrrrl and front lady Sara was just prettying herself and adjusting her stool, if you'll pardon the scatalogical expression. So I thought, hmm, it's 1pm, I'll buy myself a snack and a coffee from the in-house refreshment stand and wait for it all to start. But the refreshment post was closed for lunch. Just when, I dunno, people might actually want something to eat and drink. So I did a lap of the place, sneered at the smelly looking people using the free computers and made a quick exit, forsaking The Favours and, instead, heading to mother's to put up a curtain rail. How very rock 'n' roll of me.

The blog of an old Hull Daily Mail mucker has been discovered. Once upon a time the freakish, undeniably weird and sexily bespectacled Steve Regan was the most feared columnist known to man and/or regional journalism. He certainly never did fluffy. Good to see, over on his Last Resort, that he's now making new friends and enemies on Merseyside.

Listening: Bromhead's Jacket - Trip To The Golden Arches.

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