Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shakespeare good shocker...

Macbeth was very good, the cast quite amazing, a new seating arrangement adding to the excitement (turning the usual thrust stage space into theatre-in-the-rectangle), robust, rustic set design, burning incense and moody-as-fuck lighting creating a very disturbing atmosphere. And the sound design, blimey, nothing's ever sounded that good to me in a theatre. Couldn't understand a word of it, of course, and over-familiarity with the plot occasionaly made me hanker for a fast forward button (I'd've only skipped a few frames and I always feel that watching Shakespeare). But, yeah, much, much, much better than the 14-year-old English Lit student in me expected. Well done, y'all.

Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm Series 5

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