Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wee covers...

Bob comes back from the toilet in Garbutt's - a swanky bar on Hull's boho Princes Avenue - with a smile on his face. "I didn't know where to look," he announces. "The toilet's full of covers from Loaded. Mmmm. Lovely."
I decide to go and see if he's lying. But he's not. The wall above the stainless steel urinal is full of covers from Loaded, and mixmag, the bulk of which, on close inspection, date from the early 1990s. Hence, while I'm ridding myself of the Carling Extra Cold I've just consumed, Sara Cox, looking extremely gorgeous and exposing her washboard stomach, is staring back at me. My favourite cover, I realise as I urinate whilst traversing the trough, is a mixmag which, when it was connected to the rest of a magazine, was the frontispiece to a feature about heroin addiction. Amazing eyes on the model, although I wouldn't condone drug use nor weeing in this cover's direction, as you end up dribbling on your shoes. What a lovely touch this wc decoration is, though.

Nice chat with Bob. We talked of music - we've both been listening to the quite fantastic Reverend and the Makers - the perils of myspace design, comedy and the problems of motivating yourself when you're an "artist". We talk about our artistic plans and, I think, and despite being skint, both end up feeling better about the fact that our lives no longer revolve around yer average mainstream, secure employment.

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bazza27 said...

I won't argue with your comments on Sarah Cox, but as a radio presenter she just gets on my tits.