Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I've blasted through the 40,000 word barrier of NaNoWriMo. Despite the why am I putting myself through what is, ultimately, nothing more than a grand writing exercise? thoughts it felt like a pivotal moment. Just 10,000 words to go. Not sure it will be finished by then, to be honest, as I've got a lot of strands that need tying together. The dialogue's flying, when it comes to it, and I'm sure that when I knuckle down to the penning of the plays again it will continue to flow. So maybe there is a point. Besides, it can't hurt to write just for the sake of it, can it? Isn't that what I always did/do anyway?

Just taking care of admin day, really, other than that. A phone call from the theatre to talk details re dates, sending off an invoice for work done elsewhere, emails sent to people I need some information from, email sent to Arts Council explaining to their press office why they've given me some money so that they can inform the media, dealing with junk calls from insurance companies, printing bits of research out, listening to The Cure, pondering on looking through the domestic bills that need taking care of and then thinking better of it and, (are you still there? Wake up!) when I've blogged, picking up my trusty electro-acoustic and churning out a barely recognisable tune.

Working at home is a good thing, people. Join me! [Then we can go to the pub together during those 'rare' periods of inactivity]. I mean, just look at my exciting workspace. Wouldn't you want one of those? An old Golden Virginia bacca tin on your desk, next to your very healthy almost finished orange juice and a copy of Vaclav Havel: A Political Tragedy In Six Acts just crying out to be read just as soon as you've written something. Keen (anal) observers will notice that I have a large batch of 3.5" high density diskettes taking up shelf space. And just above them? Why, Alan Bennett's Box of Bennetts audio collection.

Listening: The Cure - Greatest Hits (acoustic)

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