Saturday, November 25, 2006


Leeds. Full of Christmas shoppers but that's to be expected and, after all, that's what we were doing there so we can hardly grumble about the crowds. Nice bit of Indian food midway through some aimless wandering up and down the Headrow and Briggate and in and out of the contrasting outlets H&M and Harvey Nich's, which warmed cockles and filled stomachs and set us up nicely for a second round of the teen-riddled Corn Exchange (a haven for the emo daughter, the button badge collecting son and the comic book-loving son). We wandered in to Music Zone just before we headed back to the car and a massive queue was gathering. Apparently, the very annoying Bo! Selecta Avid Merrion Leigh Francis fella was in there ("he's dressed as that Craig David with his big chin on," the security guard informed me when I asked what all the fuss was about) doing a PA. We didn't buy his new DVD. Because, and I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, Bo! Selecta is a big pile of steaming shit.
As the car was parked on Quarry Hill we chilled out before the journey home in the West Yorkshire Playhouse bar. There's a production of the Wizard of Oz on at the mo' that will be thrilling west yorkshire theatregoers until February and, as we sipped our drinks, lots of little theatrical children started turning up ready for the show. Some of them were excitedly reading the programme out loud, keen to get to their mention in the credits. Nice really but too many fussy/pushy mothers chaperoning them.
I have stolen Harvey Nichols' bandwidth for the picture. I wouldn't normally do that but they can afford it, eh?


Kate said...

Hurrah! Finally someone else who finds Bo Selecta bobbins. I am not alone.......

bazza27 said...

You are far from being alone kate, and thanks to Dave for outing the talentless twat.