Friday, January 26, 2007

Miracle workers...

I'm not so sure the front page of today's HDM really promotes temperance amongst the driving community. It takes a few hundred words about miraculous recoveries, Christopher Reeves-style injuries and thanking the ambulance crew that picked up the pieces following a car crash before the sensible advice (ie not to be 1.3 times over the drink drive limit when you take the wheel of your car) appears. Find out what I'm waffling on about here. It won't be long before the readers' comments are deleted on that one, I shouldn't think.

In other scandal, it's always good to settle down to a hefty amount of kiss-and-tell gossip, especially when it's delivered by a chap you watched on the telly when you were a nipper. Scott Baio, Chachi from Happy Days in a previous life, is currently hawking around a weighty tome about his bedroom antics and the low down on the day that Liza Minelli announced she wanted Scott's sperm. I, for one, will read it. Providing, that is, I've got through the David Lean biography by then (last night's laugh out loud quote, "Nobody could walk down a flight of stairs like Douglas Fairbanks.").

Did you watch Skins? I thought it had a dreadfully old-fashioned aesthetic - a Trainspotting for kids, all flash and fancy but, ultimately, about 15 years out of date to look at. Ditto the youth patois, which didn't seem authentic at all (if there'd been one more instance of the word "safe" I'd've pushed me foot through the screen). No real thoughts on the characters, we didn't really see enough of them. Still, it's not for me, is it? I shall get my teenage children to guest blog on the subject. If they're not out selling spliff, being anorexic and partying with the posh kids, that is.

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Stephen Newton said...

I was too late to see the readers' comments.

Seen this though: 'Please Note: Readers will not be able to comment on stories between the hours of 7pm and 7am and at weekends.'

Surely they mean 'or at weekends'? Or are they worried about internet addiction and are trying to force people to choose between weekend and night time surfing.