Thursday, February 01, 2007

Interval reached...

So I finished the scene involving Belinda Lee and I was so tempted to rest on my laurels, especially as at that time I'd settled down with a cup of tea on the sofa to watch Joan Crawford. But no, I hit my self-imposed deadline and I'm right where I wanted to be - I now have half a play. I am celebrating by staying up late to watch live NHL (Maple Leafs v Rangers). No writing today - want to spend a day re-watching my mountain of Rank DVDs and heading back to the real world for a while before tackling the start of Act II on Friday. In other narcissistic news, Hull Truck's website has undergone a redesign and there's an abundance of Sully on there, alongside Mr Bean's Toast, a new Godber, more Amanda Whittington and Gordon Steel and a raft of visiting productions, comedians and jazz and literature festivals. At lunch yesterday, which involved a quick journey into town, I also noticed that a heavyweight machine was on the site of the new theatre clobbering piles into the earth. Aye, it's all happening in the north right now.

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