Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Low tide...

My day was all nicely mapped out but that has all changed and now, well, here I am. Bit of a dark cloud on the horizon. Nowt to do. Hell, I'm even contemplating a lengthy walk. Still, it ebbs and flows, don't it? Had a good afternoon yesterday - arranged a first reading of the Rank play to take place in a couple of weeks and encountered lots of enthusiasm from the head of drama who's assembling the necessary talent and also keen to get the play on its feet a bit further down the line. All very impressive and, having been stuck in impossible to wade through treacle of late (writing biographical drama hurts!), was rather taken aback by the speed of it all and verily bounced back to my car.
The photo on the right is me at Spurn Point - where my head has resided for a while now. It was taken in the days (not so very long ago) when I could afford a hair cut. It looks just right for wading into that water, doesn't it (rare for the murky old Humber)? Although if I were there today I'd probably be tempted to do a Reggie Perrin (see below!).

Listening: Eminem - Rabbit Run Reading: Tennyson - Break, Break, Break / John Masefield - Sea Fever

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