Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tickets please...

Much of the afternoon experiencing the joys of being driven through the streets of Hull in ye olde classic Hillman Minx belonging to an actor. Although actor apologised for the innards of his vehicle, the raciness of the engine and the jolt we suffered each time the car pulled away, it far exceeded the more modern, yet noisier and bumpier Toyota ride I'm accustomed to. After a carvery lunch, during which actor, who had filled his plate to overflowing with the vegetables on offer, dropped a lot of carrots and gravy down himself, we headed to the KC to purchase tickets for the upcoming Super League derby match between ye olde adversaries Hull FC and Hull KR. Lots of stuff and nonsense currently circulating about seating arrangements, ticket allocations and Rovers fans only being allowed to purchase tickets from their own ground. We just walked in, paid our money, were asked no questions and walked out clutching the goods.

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