Thursday, April 05, 2007

One of the girls...

Ooh, I must say, working in the garden certainly gave me a boot up the behind. Things had ground to a halt inside and I looked out the window and thought, well, if I'm just staring at the screen in here I could at least do the same outside. So out I popped, laptop in hand, and I've managed to be very productive indeed, writing something that I'd resigned myself to thinking I'd write tomorrow. So 1x afternoon in the open air= gaining a day! Yippee. Amazingly, the wi-fi's working very well out here too, so it's not all been work, work, work. iTunes party shuffle mode mixed with birdsong (am I in writers' paradise?) also helped to drown out the terrible four-to-the-floor disco lite shite flying out of a house at the rear of ours (that'll be a 'no' then), although it's favouring Take That tunes a bit too much for my liking.
Tonight I'm off to see Hull Truck's youth army perform Animal Farm and, with writings having been written and backed up to various devices, I'm really looking forward to the night out although it does mean I'll miss the fantastic Orangutan Diary, but hopefully I'll be back for ITV2's rather similar deadline - a reality show in which a bunch of loser celebrities work as hacks and paps to put together a gossip magazine - to see what excuses Lisa I'Anson comes up with tonight for not doing any work. Lisa, who, if I remember incorrectly, once described herself as the most influential figure in the history of the world, no the universe, is all about morals and integrity and has a strange vein of political correctness running through her limbs. Interesting to note, then, that she is promoted by her management company as "a girl". Other "girls" managed by RDF include Sue Perkins, Lucy Porter and Liza Tarbuck. You'd think they'd say something.

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